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Choosing the Exterior Paint Colour for your Home

Choosing the Exterior Paint Colour for your Home

If you’re planning to revamp the exterior of your home, take a little time to come up with your colour decision. Painting the outside of your property is different with painting the interiors since you have to consider a lot of external factors, such as landscaping, roofscaping and hardscaping. Here are some tips when choosing the exterior paint for your home:

1. Think about your permanent materials

If you have bricks or stone foundation, patio or accents, it is best that you look at their underlying tones and start choosing from there. Remember to play with colours that will complement what you already have. This way, the colour will look smooth and well-coordinated.

2. Think about the visual effect you want

Think thoroughly about the effect you want to have. If you want to make it stand out, choose a brighter colour. If you want to make it subtle, choose a darker hue.

3. Choose three or more different paint shades

When choosing an exterior painting scheme, there are three major parts that you have to consider: Field Colour, Accent Colour and Trim Colour. Field colours dominate the whole palette, accent colours bring smaller areas to life, such as doors and shutters, and trim colours are used for trim work such as window casing, railings and roof edging. Make sure that these three complement each other.

4. Ease in with swatches

Just like when painting your interior, do not fully rely on paint chips. This is because the exterior colour will be drastically different from the one on the chip. It is best that you try the colours out by buying test sizes before painting the whole exterior.

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