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Advantages of Intumescent Fire Protection Paint

Advantages of Intumescent Fire Protection Paint

Taking into account the safety of a structure or building is a major factor that contributes to the successful development of a construction project. To do so, various safety measures must be implemented in preparation for contingencies such as fire.

One safety approach any developer can take is the use of the right fireproofing features, even passive ones such as intumescent or fire-resistant paint. Read on to find out why this can be a good investment no matter what kind of building you are erecting.

Intumescent paint acts as an insulator

Available in either water-based or solvent-based solutions, intumescent paint contains a huge amount of hydrates that have evaporation effects. That said, whilst this kind of paint remains dormant at low temperatures, it provides insulation as a reaction to high temperatures of about 200-250°C. When this happens, the paint expands significantly, becoming a layer of low-conductivity char which shields structural items from malformation and damage.

It provides a stunning finish

Apart from acting as a great insulator, intumescent paint allows the final layer to be mixed with pigments and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish that further enhances the appearance of exposed steelworks. This is the reason why it remains a favourite in both architectural and large public buildings alike.

It has various applications

Another advantage of utilising intumescent paint is its capacity to be applied in different areas of a building and on various materials such as metal, concrete, chipboard, plasterboard, brick, softwoods, hardwoods and MDF or medium density fibreboard.

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