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October, 2018
Key Benefits of Revamping Your Commercial Property

Key Benefits of Revamping Your Commercial Property

It is essential to give your commercial property some makeover once in a while. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your space is always attractive, updated and well decorated. This gives off a positive and welcoming vibe that makes people want to engage with your business. To better convince you why you should redecorate your commercial property, we have listed some of its benefits below.

Impress clients

Do you notice unsightly paint fading or peeling on your office walls? Does the furniture around the office look shabby and outdated? These are clear signs that your office needs improvement. The appearance of your office enables your clients to see how you take care about the details of your business. Refreshing its appearance can give the right impression and make people feel confident in investing in you and your businesses.

Increase employee productivity level

Your employees would feel happy and excited to come to work if you ensure that their working environment is fresh and uplifting. A newly redecorated space will make your employees rejuvenated and refreshed, allowing an increased efficiency in their work flow.

Increase Longevity

Neglecting your commercial space can cause it to look worn out and dull. To keep up a fresh and new appearance, it would be great to modernise your building. Try new color schemes or apply fresh coats of the existing color. The newer the building looks and feels, the longer you’ll want to be in it.

Makes a fresh start

If your business is at its low point and you are looking to reinvent it, it is ideal to hire a professional commercial painter to repaint your office building. This makes a great start to re-brand and create a new and fresh environment for both the clients and employees.

In need of painting and decorating services? Whether it’s residential, commercial or educational, Prestige Decorating Services is here to help you. We have a team of professionals with experience in working in a variety of environments, both interior and exterior works, as well as different finishes. If you have any questions or clarifications, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team. Call us at 07786 548280 or send us a message at info@prestigedecorating.co.uk.

Best Paint Shades For Selling A Home

Best Paint Shades For Selling A Home

Having a newly painted house can greatly increase your chances of selling your home. If your exteriors are looking dated and worn out, having a new lick of paint will give a more vibrant appearance that can entice potential buyers.

Here are some best paint colours to help sell your home:


A perfect mixture of grey and beige coloured houses may able to obtain a higher sale price than homes painted with medium brown because it’s easier to maintain, makes the house look bigger and goes well with most furniture.


Homes that are painted with navy blue to light blue are sold more than expected because buyers like how these colours present a fresh and new vibe.


A taupe coloured living room proves to be a modern trend this year. Research shows that this colour may increase the price of the property whilst not costing too much on revamping your interior.


It is the safest and popular colour to paint your home. It makes the space look larger and more neat. White comes in different hues, such as white smoke, champagne and eggshell, which can enhance your furniture’s frameworks.


The colour of nature that makes the living room and dining room warm and inviting. Colours such as brown, tan, green, blue and muted orange feel relaxing and soothing which also complement with woods, metals, glass and stone.

In contrary, bright colours such as red and yellow may appeal less to buyers. Choosing wrong tones when revamping your home can potentially harm your chances of selling as people would not want to buy a house and have to spend money on fixing or repainting it.

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