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Things to Know Before Choosing a Painter and Decorator

Having your house redecorated is no easy task. It may seem daunting for some, but if you hire the right people, the results can be fantastic. In this article, we’re going to give you some tips before you hire a professional painter or decorator.

1. Arm yourself with basic knowledge

Before inviting decorators for quotes do a little research. Find out what needs decorating and calculate how much you are prepared to spend on the redecoration.

2. Choose a specialist rather than a general handyman

When painting and decorating, many homeowners choose the DIY approach or hire a general handyman. They think it may save them financially but it may not deliver a professional looking end result.

3. Find out exactly what a decorator or painter’s process is going to be

Ask about every aspect of the job. Make a list of queries, you need to find out how the decorator is going to approach the work.

4. Get detailed quotes

Get at least three quotes from different decorators and ask them for a detailed breakdown of the quote in writing. By doing this you will be able to compare their prices and know exactly how your money is being spent.

5. Ask how long the job is going to take

Enquire what period of time the redecoration will take as major inconvenience can occur if the work drags on for longer than expected.

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